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COYP Presents:
Dr. Bobby Jones Gospel Talent Expo
Saturday, May 12 at 5pm, Tickets: $30

The purpose of the Dr. Bobby Jones Talent Expo is to raise funds for the COYP Youth Educational Scholarship Department. To give local artist an opportunity to showcase their talent with an incentive to be a part of the Dr. Bobby Jones Watch Impact Network Television in Nashville, Tennessee and/or St. Louis, Missouri.

Ja'keem Jordan, a product of the Ft. Pierce community is the visionary for this event. He is the artist recruiter for the regional area of St. Louis, Missouri. Jakeem is excited about our local artist who will be exercising their gifts/talents on his behalf and the community. We embrace his vision and are proud of his accomplishments for being purpose driven in fulfilling his dream.

Each year COYP recognize youth, young adults/adults for their community service. This year we will honor (7) Senior Mothers for their time, talent and treasure rendered to the City of Ft. Pierce and other areas. Our goal is to develop unity in the community by inviting other churches, agencies and community organizations to celebrate a historic and memorable event.