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Comedy Corner Presents:

Carl Rimi / Stacey Steele
Brought to you by Casey Peruski and Spaz!
Saturday, June 24 at 8:30pm, Black Box, Tickets: $15 / $20 at door

Carl seen on ABC and movies BONK and Love in Hostages!

Since he could remember, Carl Rimi has been entertaining and controlling an audience; whether it be just in front of a group of women, on stage, on the big screen, behind the scenes or even when he was growing up, as long as there is a crowd, Carl will be the center of it. Since the age of twenty four, he has taken his gift of improvisation and humor to a higher level, performing at clubs and venues all over the U.S. and on several major cruise lines for over 19 years. Carl has entertained in many major clubs and colleges across the country and is a regular at all three world famous Improv comedy clubs in South Florida. He has also appeared live at the 2011 Las Vegas comedy festival and the 2013 South Beach Comedy festival. Carl’s ability to deliver intellectual humor and physical comedy in a fast-paced “wham, bam thank you ma’am” style helps turn the mundane into the insane. Carl’s amazing energy and his ability to read an audience are his greatest strengths and have made him one of the most sought after comics on the circuit today.

Mr. Rimi has done several television shows and independent movies. His credits include Comedy Central’s Laugh Riots, NBC, CBS, ABC Family and the hit television series Burn Notice. He also starred in the Independent Christian film, Bonk, in which he was nominated for a Best Actor Award. Carl has several feature films that will be released in 2016 including Love and Hostages, a romantic comedy, by David Vargas and Javier Mayol, Adopted, a drama/horror film by Adrian Jules, and Smothered by Mothers, another up and coming comedy directed by Brian Herzlinger, written and produced by Kurt Weichert. This past season Carl worked on several projects including Breach, a supernatural series by Naqi Khawer and Gym Brats, a web series which was created and produced by Carl, Stacey Steele and director Gaetano Fasulo. Seen Carl Saturday June 24th!


Stacey Steele has been entertaining crowds since she was five years old. She has been a singer/songwriter, actress and comic for 20 plus years, and simply belongs on the stage. Stacey performs in many different settings, with experience in everything from character acting and drama, to comedy and improv. She has hosted various types of shows from fashion, to music and comedy, and has hosted several radio shows around the country. Stacey now co-hosts "The Chicks Radio Show" with Audrey and Stacey on the WEI Network.

In her spare time, Stacey teaches a plethora of fitness classes to the over 55 community. She is a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor and all around women’s fitness expert. She is currently traveling around the country teaching and lecturing on health and fitness.

In 2013, Stacey was named Mrs. Greenacres in the US Continental Pageant and although she did not win the Mrs. United States Title, she did receive both the Mrs. Congeniality and Audience Choice awards. Recently, Stacey was selected as Mrs. New York Petite 2014 to represent her home state in the upcoming Mrs. USA Petite Pageant.

Whether she is doing comedy or singing, teaching or performing, her personality jumps off the stage and grabs you. Better watch comes STACEY STEELE!

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