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National Acrobats and MartIal Artists of Tianjin
The People’s Republic of China
Thursday, November 30 at 7pm, Tickets: $49/$45/$20

The Tianjin Acrobats and Martial Artists bring joy to audiences through their delightful gymnastics, towering human pyramids, precise Kung Fu maneuvers, and more in the debut tour of China Soul. Glittering costumes, breathtaking tricks, and magnificent feats of athletic daring splendidly create a tour de force when this magnetic, award-winning troupe takes to international stages.

It is one of the best acrobatic troupes in China with over one hundred acrobatic, magical and martial arts performers. With novelty and superior techniques, the acrobatic troupe is favored by the audiences all over the world. First formed in 1957, but with a legacy stretching back thousands of years.