Main Theatre

SRO Promotions Presents: Cirque Diabolo

February 9, 2020 3:00 pm


Cirque Diabolo, with an array of the best performers from around the world, presents a new generation of Cirque style show. The electrifying and mesmerizing Cirque Diabolo will be performing incredible feats of strength and beauty on stage as well as breathtaking aerial performances.


Featuring a cast of world champion acrobats, contortionists and aerial artists, this award-winning spectacle will leave you breathless. This action packed, presentation delivers incredible talent beyond your wildest imagination and is a thrill-a-minute spectacle.


Cirque Diabolo is perfect for the entire family. This amazing show brings you beautiful costumes, dynamic sound and lighting, and the world’s greatest talent assembled on one stage.


*Restoration fee included in each ticket