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Become A Sponsor At The Sunrise Theatre

The Sunrise Theatre for The Performing Arts is an important social, economic, cultural and educational resource. And with an overall economic impact of $32 million dollars, The Sunrise Theatre is a solid foundation for a positive, healthy downtown Fort Pierce. The Sunrise Theatre generates millions of dollars in annual revenue, and provides an economic catalyst on the local, county and state levels. These economic impacts are felt by restaurants, hotels and retailers who benefit from traffic generated by our arts programming, educational and outreach offerings, summer camps and non-profit benefits.

For the 2018/19 Season, the Sunrise Theatre reached $2.7 million in ticket sales alone! Approaching our 14th Season, we have seen continued growth and development every year in terms of attendance, ticket sales, memberships, number and diversity of programs offered, but especially the breadth and depth of where our patrons and visitors are coming from. In addition to the continued support and recognition within St. Lucie County, the most impressive number is the growth and support from Indian River and Martin Counties each year. Last year, over 51% of our total ticket sales came from the counties north and south of our beautiful, historic downtown Fort Pierce location with many others coming from counties even further away.


Benefits Of Partnering With The Sunrise Theatre

Exposure, Branding and Promotional Benefits:

Specific Benefits (based on Sponsorship Level):

With Us, You Will Get a Positive ROI... and a Great Experience at the Theatre, too!

  • Be a Marketing Sponsor by promoting your company through the Theatre's powerful marketing vehicles.
  • Sponsor a Series or an Individual Performance.
  • Take advantage of Branding and Naming Opportunities in the Theatre.

Corporate Sponsorships are designed to align sponsoring companies’ names with the highly visible and prestigious name of the national historic landmark, the Sunrise Theatre for the Performing Arts. Corporate Sponsorships begin at $5,000. We offer exclusive sponsorships and other advertising opportunities that can be customized to meet your company’s needs and objectives.

Once a Business partner with The Sunrise Theatre, they can market their premium services, discounts and value-added offers to the Sunrise Theatre’s loyal and upscale Members.

Unlike other affiliate marketing models where the demographics of the main partner can be too diverse, Sunrise Theatre Members share unique, valuable attributes:

  • They live in upscale communities.
  • They attend at least 5 shows per year and typically spend at least $100 per show on tickets.
  • They come from Indian River, St. Lucie, Martin and Palm Beach Counties.
  • Most are retired and have disposable income; they are avid supporters of the arts and their local community.

They want to receive communication from the Sunrise Theatre on upcoming events. Because our patrons and members see the Sunrise Theatre as part of their social life, they will typically: open emails we send out on behalf of our partners (our open rate exceeds industry averages), purchase a product or service, or visit an establishment that is associated with the Sunrise Theatre.

As the “Trusted Advisor,” the Sunrise Theatre will be able to drive traffic to your website or establishment; increase your brand/product recognition and maximize your frequency and reach.

As a corporate partner, we will match you up with the programs and events that provide the best demographic base for meeting your goals and objectives. Depending on the type and scope of partnership, you may be promoted in the following ways:

  • Posters
  • Marquee
  • Web
  • Programs and Brochures


Sponsor Benefits:

  • Demonstrates your strong community support.
  • An easy and effective way to market your business.
  • Your ad in front of thousands of potential customers.
  • Advertising expense tax write-off for your business.


Target Consumers That Are:

  • Family-Oriented
  • Traditional
  • Affluent
  • Active
  • Married (58%)
  • Mature
  • Fun-Loving
  • Baby Boomers


In an independent study on sponsorship of the arts conducted by Performance Research, the world leader in consumer based sponsorship the following results were found:

  • 56% of respondents said they would almost always or frequently buy a product or support a company sponsoring an arts or cultural event over one that does not.
  • 48% of Americans with an interest in Art and Cultural events indicated that they hold a "Higher" trust in companies that sponsor these events compared to those who do not.

Like all performing arts theatres, ticket sales and rental charges cover less than one-half of our operating costs. As a member supported, volunteer-assisted organization, with over 1200 members and 200+ volunteers, the Sunrise Theatre serves over 85,000 patrons and guests annually through its programs and directly benefits the economic impact and quality of life in St. Lucie County by attracting visitors from other cities, counties and states.


With your help and sponsorship support of the Sunrise Theatre, we can continue to bring quality entertainment, educational and outreach experiences and services to the region, while giving much needed vitality to our historic downtown.


Your sponsorship will help us to provide the highest excellence in quality entertainment, cultural programs and customer service…now and for years to come.

We love developing custom solutions designed to meet your company’s specific marketing budget and goals.
Do you want to drive new traffic to your business? Let’s talk!

Contact Anne Satterlee to custom plan your sponsorship today 772.461.4884 ext. 308 or


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Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts. Separated they live in Bookmarksgrove right at the coast
Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts. Separated they live in Bookmarksgrove right at the coast

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